Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal is a thrilling, fun-filled outdoor water adventure sports visitors can experience in Nepal. Canyoning is about coming down a watery canyon by either abseiling, jumping or sliding through breathtaking steep canyon walls and waterfalls into deep pools of water below. Nepal is rich in water sources and has many refreshing waterfalls, formed among the deep gorges, which are a perfect hidden haven for canyoning.

Canyoning is recently discovered water activities of Nepa ranges from exploratory walks to extreme activities. Exploring hidden canyons in the Himalayas and experiencing the wet and wild canyoning offer thrill seeker a great time making canyoning in Nepal very popular among the adventure seekers. Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience which gives you the same thrilling experiences as a Natural water theme park. Canyoning in Nepal has been recommended by the lonely planet as canyoning in Nepal is inspired by the breathtaking scenery of untouched jungle with multiple cascading waterfalls dropping one after the other into refreshing pools below.

With the adventure, this sport brings a risk. Before beginning this outdoor sport we provide everyone with proper guidance from an expert. Our instructors are experienced canyoneers with continual vigilance and good knowledge of these remarkable places and safety gear practice.

Lapha Holidays offers a wide range of Canyoning packages to Kathmandu, Kakani, Jalbire, Sundarijal and Lumjung in Nepal from 1 to 7 days. Book your dream adventure holidays with Lapha Holidays by emailing us at sales@laphaholidays or info@laphaholidays.