Nepal Tours

Nepal is renowned all over the world for its majestic high Himalayas. These sky dominating mountains have made Nepal one of the most favoured tourist destinations for trekking and peak climbing. However, Nepal is not just about the snowcapped Himalayas; the multifarious topography of Nepal is blessed with uncommon natural beauty and remarkable terrains and diverse culture abound many historical and cultural landmarks, traditions, temples, and monuments.

Nepal tour is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty as well as the cultural glory of Nepal. Lapha Holidays has many tour packages that take the visitor to a different place of importance in Nepal giving visitors an opportunity to get acquainted with unique caste, culture and creed of Nepal along with its lush and wild natural beauty.

The cultural and historical tour to Nepal includes a tour to the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Changunarayan, Boudhanath, and Swyambunath which is important cultural and historical sites of Nepal listed in UNESCO World Heritage. The tour to these places is the best way to understand the unique culture, tradition and history of Nepal. The wood crafts, stone crafts and metal crafts in the temples, palaces and stupas of these heritages demonstrate Nepal’s fineness in art and architecture and radiate interesting ancient history and culture.

Moreover, Nepal has many cites, villages and national parks with diverse topography and best nature. Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Pokhara, Chitwan, Gorkha, Lumbini, and Janakpur are some of the popular tourist destinations. Besides these popular spots, Nepal has much more places to visit and each of the places accentuates unique culture and heritage. If you are not interested in harsh and exhilarating trekking trails than choose simple Nepal tours packages and witness the cities with a blend of nature, culture and prudent history.