Dolpo Region

Dolpo is very interesting and fascinating village located northwest of Nepal confined by the Dhaulagiri range in the south and east, Mt. Sisne and Kanjiroba in the west and the Tibetan plateau towards the north. The Dolpo region ranges from 1525m to 7625m, offering endless diversity in landscapes, vegetation, and cultures. The trails pass through temperate to alpine vegetation but most of the upper Dolpo falls in the snowline and receives heavy snowfall every year during winter.

Dolpo region has some of the highest settlements on the earth at amazing altitudes of 3660m to 4070m. Almost 90% of the villages’ lies above 3500m and most of the people of Dolpo live under extremely harsh conditions and lead nomadic life just making ends meet. Trekking to Dolpo is the best opportunity to experience the semi-nomadic lifestyle of people living in higher altitude in these extreme weather conditions. Here, people look for pastures for their meager livestock. The sight of long yak caravan can be a delightful moment while trekking.

Dolpo is home to over 20 Buddhist stupas and 130 Buddhist monasteries, among which 11th century Shey Gompa is one of the prominent and biggest Buddhist monasteries in this region. Being closely linked to Tibet, this region is highly influenced by Tibetan culture and heritage. People here strictly follow the customs and beliefs of their ancestors who came over the Tibet centuries ago. Trekking to Dolpo is the best way to explore ancient Tibetan culture and monasteries.

Opened up for tourism only in 1989, Dolpo high mountains valleys are untouched by modern society and still remains unspoiled and unexplored by an outsider. The region is divided into lower and Upper Dolpo. Upper Dolpo is one of the restricted areas of Nepal and trekkers required special trekking permit to trek this region. Trekking to Dolpo is the best way to explore ancient Tibetan culture. The shimmering turquoise waters of Lake Phoksundo is also one of the major attractions of Dolpo. Trekking to Dolpo regions promises to create an unforgettable adventure because of its unspoiled pristine beauty and rugged charm which is out of the world.