Hotel Booking

Lapha Holidays arrange accommodation facilities to the entire tourist destination in and across Nepal. We have an extensive network with the hotel of all categories which makes Hotel Booking with Lapha Holiday easy and cheap.

Nowadays, there are various online Hotel booking websites offering the best deals and cheap rates.  But sometimes finding the perfect hotel while travelling can be difficult. The mix feeling reviews, confusing reservation system and very little information about the rooms and hotels and information bread and breakfast availability on time can generate confusion. And also, sometimes you don’t get what you see and one wrong choice can make your dream vacation turn into a nightmare.

Thus, we suggest you contact us for hotel booking in and across Nepal for your dream holidays. We can provide you with the type’s accommodation you desire for your vacation. We have hotels, guest house, Boutique hotel, lodges, resort, and tea houses in our contact. If you are looking for a luxury holiday then we can book your hotel with luxurious facilities like spa, swimming pool, restaurant, gym etc.  We also have a good connection with Homestays. If you are interested to learn about the cultural and lifestyle of Nepali people closely. Then we can book your accommodation in the Homestay. In a busy season to get the best accommodation facilities on the mountains can be very difficult but not to worry we also have a good relationship with the owner of the local teahouse and can make the booking prior.

Lapha Holidays is very aware of providing the perfect accommodation to the guest of their choice. Contact us at sales@laphaholidays or info@laphaholidays or [email protected] for any queries regarding Hotel Booking.