Terms and Conditions

1. Changes in itinerary and price

Signing up for a trip with Lapha holiday requires to be flexible and modest, with an understanding that the specifics of your trip could change or cancel by various unforeseen contingencies like adverse weather conditions and natural calamities may disturb flights/roads/trails, cancellations/delays of flights, political unrest and strike and health of clients due to change in elevation. Lapha holiday shall endeavour it’s best to continue the trip with subtle or sharp changes in the itinerary wherever needed and try best to give you the most value despite the changes. Lapha holidays is not responsible for any changes or cancellation of the trip under such unavoidable circumstances.

Lapha holidays reserves the right to change the price of its products and services due to the changes in various external factors beyond our control such as drastic fluctuation in the exchange rate, inflation or government actions and policies, etc. In such circumstances, the costs of our products and services can be highly affected and we are not accountable to answer anyone for our actions.

2. Travel and Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance is mandatory for all the clients’ under-taking any tour or trek associated with Lapha Holiday. The Clients’ Travel Insurance must provide adequate coverage throughout the duration of the trip and must cover all the medical expenses, personal accidents, emergency helicopter evacuation/rescue, trip cancellations, travel plan alterations and compensation against the loss/theft/damage of baggage and personal belongings.

3. Changes in flights schedule

Lapha Holidays is not held liable for any changes or delays on domestic flights or helicopter schedules which affect the travel plan. The changes in itinerary caused due to the act or the unforeseen circumstances of domestic airlines or helicopter companies are solely liable to those companies rather than Lapha Holidays.

4. Nepal Visa and Passport Condition

All clients’ undertaking any tour or trek associated with Lapha Holiday must possess a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry to Nepal. Lapha Holiday is not responsible for the failure to obtain a visa for any reason and the cost of the visa is solely clients’ responsibility. Nepal Visa can be obtained from the Nepalese Embassy in your country or you can obtain Nepal Visa upon arrival at Kathmandu International airport. Please visit our Nepal Visa for the detail information.

5. Health and Fitness

All of our trips require a generic fitness level. Hence, we recommend our clients to consult their doctor regarding their suitability for undertaking the desired trip before booking any of our holiday packages. The trekkers must consult their doctor before heading towards the Himalayan region.

It is the responsibility of the clients to notify Lapha Holidays regarding any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, disability/mobility restrictions. Some medical conditions might necessitate special medical attention and might affect the travel plan of the clients’ if not addressed properly. The prior information helps Lapha holidays to get prepared and help clients’ to pursue the trip without any difficulties.

6. Children

All the interest travellers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legitimate guardian in order to travel with us. For more questions regarding age and suitability for a trip or trek, please kindly write to us at [email protected]/ or given company email address.

7. Privacy/ Publicity

Lapha Holidays adhere to the strict privacy policy and do not disclose any personal information that our clients provide to us for booking or any other purpose.

The pictures and videos click during the trips with our clients are published in our pages and websites for publicity and persuade other travelers to travel with us. Lapha holiday seeks no permission and possesses every right to use your images by Lapha Holiday for its publicity or promotional campaigns in print or audio-visual media. We assure your pictures would not be misused. So, there should be no conflict or protest regarding pictures taken and used by Lapha Holidays.

8. Personal Details

Lapha Holidays requires the client’s copy of the passport and other related details for the documentation of trip and trip-related permits and card. Thus, it is very important to provide us with personal details after booking with us prior to your arrival. The information provided remains confidential.

9. Booking and payment

Booking your trip with Lapha holidays is very simple. After selecting your trip and travel plan, for booking to be processed, you simply need to send us the following:

  • A photocopy of your passport (the passport should have a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry to Nepal) and a copy of your passport-sized photo at the company email address.
  • A non-refundable deposit (20% of the total cost of the trip). The payment can be made through a credit card or via wire transfer.

1. Online Payment

Please Click Here for online payment

2. Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Mega Bank Nepal Limited

Bank Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Account Name: Lapha Holidays Pvt.Ltd.

Account No: 2022744985

Swift Code: MBNLNPKA

Note: The remaining amount can be paid upon your arrival in Kathmandu before you set out for your trek/tour.  The payment can be settled through card, cash or cheque. For credit card payments, 3.5%-4% extra will be levied to you for a credit card processing fee

10. Cancellation

In case you intend to cancel your trip for any reason, you need to write to us 14 days prior to your trip departure date. We shall approve it as a canceled trip only after receiving a valid written notice from you before 14 days of your trip departure date.

As per our policy, the 20% deposit amount is non-refundable therefore, in case any incidents arise that you might need to cancel the trip, we highly recommend you postpone your trip rather than cancelling it. Doing so will deduct a minimum of $150 from your advance deposit as the postpone fee and remaining amount after that deduction will be transferred as your balance amount for your next trip with us. Please go through point (11) for further information.

Refund shall not be made under the following circumstances:

  • If the company receives the cancellation notice less than 20 days of the trip departure date.
  • If the client abandons the trip without a valid reason or commits any unlawful act before or during the trip
  • If the client is stopped from pursuing the trip owing to some genuine/unavoidable circumstances like (but not limited to) death, serious illness, redundancy or jury service, the trip can be postponed or even transferred to another your recommended client, provided that the new client is willing and meets all the requirements pertaining to the particular trip. However, any such claim to either postpone or transfer the trip should be submitted at least two weeks before the trip commencement date and has to be authenticated by a proof. A fee of US$100 is chargeable under such circumstances. But there will be no option available if such notifications are received later than two weeks of the trip commencement date.
  • If the client does not use the services (meals, accommodation, transports, and others) during the trip mandated by the trip itineraries.


If the client has to postpone the trip because of some unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accident and family matters then the client needs to send us a written notice 30 days prior to the trip departure date.

In case of postponing a tour in Nepal, a minimum USD 150 will be charged as a current trip cancellation charge and the remaining amount will be transferred for the postponed trip.

In case of the postponement of Tours/trips in other countries, trip cancellation charges will be charged as per the trending market rate of those countries. It solely depends upon the ongoing policy of our agents in those countries.