Nature and Wildlife Tour

When it comes to nature and wildlife tour, Nepal is a paradise for a nature lover. The rich biodiversity and dense jungles scattered in the plains of this tiny Himalayan terra firma is an abode to some of the rarest species of floras and fauna. Nepal is a habitat for 4.0% of all mammal species, 8.9% of bird species, 1.0% of reptile species, 2.5% of amphibian species, 1.9% of fish species, 3.7% of butterfly species, 0.5% of moth species and 0.4% of spider species.

Nepal has 9 national parks, 4 wildlife reserves and 3 conservation areas occupying 16% of Nepal’s total geographical area. These national parks and reserves are home to several wildlife and bird species include one-horned rhino, swamp deer, musk deer, black deer, blue bull, the royal Bengal tiger, gharial, marsh mugger crocodile, peacock, Spiny Babbler and give you the opportunity to relish close up views of exclusive floras and faunas. Nature and Wildlife tour in Nepal is indulged with an array of enticing jungle activities like- wildlife Safari on elephant or jeep, Nature walk, dugout canoe trips on the jungle river, bird-watching excursions, and jungle camping. Some nature and wildlife tour also includes a short cultural tour around the nearby villages and traditional music programs performed by the villagers.

Nature and wildlife tour is the best way to admire the heavens of natural splendours and opulent wildlife of Nepal. The Sagarmatha National Park and Royal Chitwan National Park are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Chitwan National park is popular for jungle safari and is an unbeatable destination that furnishes one of the best wildlife activities in the entire Asian subcontinent. Bardia National Park due to its dense woodland and grassland is considered to be the best place to spot a tiger. Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, Parsa wildlife reserve, Dhorpatan Hunting conservation area are also the popular parks and reserves of Nepal for nature and wildlife tours in Nepal. Lapha Holidays offers the best nature and wildlife tour in Nepal.