Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the insurance that basically covers trip cancellation, travel medical insurance, flight accident, luggage lost and other losses incurred while travelling. Some travel policies even cover damage to personal property and rented equipment.

Travel insurance is an essential aspect for all customers looking to travel to Nepal. Especially when it comes to trekking in Nepal, there is always a narrow chance of minor to major health issues and injuries such as the sprained ankle, a broken bone, altitude sickness, food poisoning, hypothermia, respiratory infection and skin infections. Sometimes unexpected leaves you whimpering in a hospital bed and tear up your perfect itinerary. And travel insurance is one that can save you from distress –or at least from some of the costs depending on the policy you buy. For eg, in case of sickness in mountains above 4900 feet up a mountain, you will obviously need emergency rescue through helicopter to get down to the hospital and helicopter evacuation in Nepal cost a minimum of USD $5000 that’s not including any hospital treatment or in-flight medical services.

Thus, it is always best to prepare for any unforeseen risks that may occur while travelling. There are many insurance companies that offer travel insurance services and you can choose any insurance companies as per your convenience. It is very important to compare insurance plan to get the right policy for your travel. It is also very essential to check how you are covered, what is not covered and any condition as that apply before sign off the insurance.

The travel insurance policy for Nepal must cover medical, loss, theft, emergency repatriation, including helicopter evacuation for trekkers.

You could travel without travel insurance. But the only thing you need to understand is that you will be paying your own bills in case any obvious affliction or not obvious affliction during trekking which can skyrocket your travel expenses in the blink of an eye.