Food and accommodation on the trek

The good food and nice accommodation at night after the day-long trek is an important part of trekking. There are plenty of tea houses in most of the trekking trails in Nepal which offers good food and accommodation for the trekkers.

Accommodation on trek

There are plenty of hotels in cities of Nepal, varying from simple motels to five-star hotels offering a variety of facilities to the tourists. Most of the hotel and guest houses in cities have a range of rooms, from standard to deluxe to super deluxe with A /C, TV, WIFI and even Spa.

However, tea house and lodges are the only accommodation on trekking trails of Nepal. These tea houses provide single, double, twin or triple rooms at your choice with basic facilities with or without an attached bathroom. Some tea houses in the lower altitudes might have attached bathroom if not you will have to use a common bathroom. The accommodation gets very basic as you trek higher.

Food on trek

The tea houses and lodges offer plenty of good food on all main treks in Nepal. The food on trek is very simple but very filling and nutritious for trekking. Oatmeal, muesli, big pancakes, French toast with jam, butter or honey, eggs, has browns, omelettes and local cheeses are the most popular choices of breakfast. The tea is served in thermoses of various sizes. Dal Bhat is the most popular choice of lunch and dinner in Nepal. Dal Bhat is served with rice, dal (lentils soup), seasonal vegetable and a pickle. Besides momo, steak, pasta, hamburger, sandwiches, chowmein, fried rice, are also available on the menu to order. If you like a treat at night, you might settle for chicken with potato chips or mashed potatoes for dinner.

Drinking sufficient amount of water is most during the trekking. The thin and dry air as you trek higher can lead to unexpected dehydration. Bottled water is available throughout the trek, but we recommend you to carry a water bottle and buy boiled water and treated water from the tea house to save both the environment and money. The boiled water from the lodge is much cheaper than to buy bottled water.