Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Helicopter tours in Nepal are gradually becoming a popular alternative to explore the beautiful Himalayas and terrain of Nepal with comfort and luxury. tours offer you the aerial view of the snow-covered Himalayas and the various landscapes of Nepal. This tour is the ideal choice for the time-bounded travellers who love to explore nature but do not have the time for a longer journey. It provides the dream come true moment for those who fantasize to explore different places with different attraction on the higher elevation of Nepal but are not able to do due to lack of time or the strength for the long journey.

Helicopter tours not only mean just flying over the area and sightseeing through windows of the Helicopter. It includes helicopter landing in the Himalayas (in helipad or designated plain land) and stepping out of the helicopter and capturing the most scenic and panoramic views of Himalayas. The helicopter lands on the selected area for some minutes (10-15minutes), which is enough for you to click pictures and videos for your memory.

Heli Tour in Nepal provides unique experiences in the Nepalese Himalayas. It is normally 2 to 5 hours tour on a helicopter with experienced pilots and professionals. Lapha Holidays is determined to provide excellent service on reasonable cost and are determined to make your flying experience wonderful.