Sun Koshi River Rafting Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu

    Upon arrival in Kathmandu airport, you will be greeted by Lapha Holidays representative and transferred to the designated hotel in our private vehicle for check-in. In the evening we will have a short meeting where we will brief you the rafting itinerary

  • Day 2 Early morning drive from Kathmandu to Dolalghat (60km); Raft to Tarang Gaon

    After early morning breakfast, we will drive to Dolalghat which is approx. 3hrs drive from Kathmandu. Upon reaching Dolalghat, you will meet our rafting guide and crew members. Our guide will give you short instruction about the trip and brief you about the safety measures and do some paddling practice. Please listen to the instruction carefully and understand to act upon the guide’s commands which are essential for having a good time. After the short briefing, our rafting journey begins from Dolalghat to our rafting camp in Tarang Gaon.

  • Day 3 Raft from Tarang Gaon to Dumja village (4hrs)

    After breakfast, we raft from Tarang Gaon to Dumja village which is approx. 4 hours rafting. Slowly leaving behind the Langtang ranges, we soon hit the technical rapid call KHUEI BHAI rapid and strewn with rocks and boulders. The camping site is prepared near the Mahadev temple in Dumja village, known to be the first Shiva temple in Nepal

  • Day 4 Raft from Dumja to Khurkot (6 hrs)

    Dumja village to Khurkot rafting is approx. 6hour wet and wild rafting. En route, we pass through Kodari, a fishing village and the Chamero Bhir where you can find hundreds of bat clinging to walls of the cliffs. Hitting some good fun-filled rapids, we reach campsites in Khurkot for overnight stay.

  • Day 5 Raft from Khurkot to Likhu Khola (5 hrs)

    After breakfast, we begin our raft from Khurkot to Likhu Khola. Passing through exciting rapids with good photo prospect we finally reach Likhu Khola camp sites for overnight stay.

  • Day 6 Raft from Likhu Khola to Harkapur

    Passing through deep gorges punctuated with exciting and challenging rapids and unfolding pleasant floats, we raft to Harkapur campsites. En-route we can witness various wildlife including troops of Langur and Rhesus monkeys on the riverbanks.

  • Day 7 Raft from Harkapur village to Rai Ghat (6 hrs)

    Today is one of the most exciting and challenging days of the Sun Koshi River Rafting journey. We encounter some of the very demanding rapids where you need to follow the guidance of the guide and you will witness the skills of our guides. We pass through various rapid named as Bridge rapids, Krishna rapids, Mangal rapids and Roller Coaster.

  • Day 8 Raft from Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat (approx. 6hrs raft)

    Today is also the challenging day of the raft. During rafting to Bander Ghat, you will come across the greatest drop Huge ‘holes’, ‘eddies’ and churning ‘stopper waves’ which demand teamwork and hard paddle

  • Day 9 Raft from Bander Ghat to Bonjur Ghat (approx. 6hr raft)

    We take to the rapids again from Bander Ghat to Bonjur Ghat rafting. Emerging from the Mardheku gorge, the river spreads wide and rafting starts to get less agitated

  • Day 10 Raft from Bonjur Ghat to Barahchhatra (approx. 6hrs raft)

    Today, the whole section of a raft is a mixture of fun-filled rapids and calm undulating floats and least challenging than the previous days' raft. 

  • Day 11 Raft from Barahchhatra to Chatara then drive back to Kathmandu

    After breakfast, the short rafting reaches us to Chatara, out-point of the Sun Koshi River Rafting. After lunch, we take night bus to Kathmandu or drive to Biratnagar to take a flight back to Kathmandu.